Christina's Approach to the Initial Consultation

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and visit your property. At this point, you are probably evaluating your options for moving forward, and I invite you to consider the possibilities.

To set up an initial consultation,
call Christina at 908.581.8987, or
click through here to send an email.

Once I understand your needs, I will offer you two options:

  • one that zooms in closely on your specific needs


  • one that takes an aerial view of your property's big picture and its potential

If you need a targeted solution to specific problems, I prefer to work on an hourly basis.

This is for you if you need help with:

Reducing Maintenance, Remediating a Water, Soil, Plant Problem, Revising Landcare Practice

My consultation rate is $330 per inquiry for up to 3 hours, and $110 per hour after.

If you need a big picture view and revitalization of your natural landscape, we begin with an in-person meeting and an assessment of your property .

This is for you if you need help with:

Pre/Post Construction, New Ownership, Naturalizing your Landscape, Remediation of Prior Landscape Installations

Duration: 90 minutes
Deliverable: The 4 Corners Discovery Doc
Initial Consultation Fee: starts at $330 depending on size of property. (50% of fee will be applied as a credit toward design plans.)

What to expect when we meet

So much valuable information is unearthed—so to speak—during the initial consult! It is typically a lively conversation where you are invited to ask all your questions about your property and we cover a first pass on your vision. I also walk the land—taking photos, taking notes, and taking in the unique signature of the property. 

What's included in your 4 Corners Discovery Doc

All of the details discussed during our meeting—plus some additional insights and technical information—are captured in what I call the 4 Corners Discovery Doc. This document is a practical compass you can refer to for guidance. It will be valuable to you whether or not we move forward with the work. The content is highly customized and abundant with details.

Items covered in the 4 Corners Discovery Doc include:

      A site visit and summary of findings using the compass and four guiding principles.

                   BALANCE nature and purpose 

                        Identify Active, Passive, and Natural Recreation Areas

                  ENHANCE the view

                  Re-Focus Public and Private Views, the Layered Landscape, and Potential Garden Rooms

                  REVITALIZE the land

                  Orient the Purpose with the site specific Elements of Water, Earth, Air, Plants


Connect People, Place and Plants for Alternative Landcare and Design